Friday, April 6, 2012


India is a full of Gold and Diamond Mines. There is no need to wander anywhere. Build Reservoirs in every village, town, city, metro city and in all places in India. Grow only the most useful trees and plants to Mankind like Fruit Trees, Dry Fruit Trees, Vegetable Trees, Medicinal Trees & Plants, Commercial Trees in every Resident, Society, Factory, Industry, Commercial Places, Schools, Colleges, Gardens, Public Places, Both Sides of the Roads, Both sides of Highways Roads, Near Railway Tracks, on all the four sides, on the Border of Every Farm, Jungles, Forests, Mountains etc. Garden and Terrace Farming at every Residential Society, Factory, Industry, and Commercial Complex etc should be started immediately. Build Technical Schools and Colleges in every town and city to prepare master minded Technicians for the World Market. Beautify village, towns, cities and metro cities. Provide only the best and world class benefits, facilities, amenities to the poor and middle class people. Provide everything to Farmers to make India a Super Power. All the human force in India must work to grow Trees and Plants mentioned above on every Saturday and Sunday. The young generation and Students must take this responsibility in their hands. The greatest work in this world to reach to God is to Grow Trees and Plants.

The lives of Billionaires, Celebrities, Hero or Superstar of Film and Cricket and Politicians are TOTAL WASTE if they fail to grow Trees and Plants by themselves every year.

Whole human force must start to work to make India the most Prosperous and Powerful Nation. Mail this message to 10,000 people everyday for 3 months to bring REVOLUTION in INDIA.