Friday, February 25, 2011

Religious Gurus must do it

While entering home, I suddenly noticed a beautiful card in letter box. It was from a religious Guru who invited me and thousand others to join for “Satsang” to be organized in City Centre soon. The next day, I was personally invited by few more devotees to join them who even promised me to pick up on their way to City Centre. 

I wonder whether the preaching would include following points as I don’t think schools are not doing much on this vital aspect of life :-

To live without interfering into other's life.

To play music system in low volume during marriage, birthday celebrations etc.

Avoid rash driving, honking and to follow Road Rules rigidly.

To litter at proper place.

Maintain hygienic practice in public places like; parks, trains, hospitals, bus-stand, railway platforms etc.

Teach children not to talk to strangers. 

Cooperate with the Police/Civil authorities in case of road accident, fire, flood etc.  

Worship daily and remember your creator.  

Promote “country-made” avoiding "foreign-made" to the extent possible in order to promote business of our people.  

Stop following corrupt political leaders blindly.

Cast vote compulsorily as and when required and many other such points. 

I personally feel that above few points must necessarily be included in regular preachings by our religious gurus to the people who are becoming more and more undisciplined, uncultured, uncivilized. 

Kindly do have your say.


  1. well you go ahead and attend the Satsang you will surly find out if the guru teaches any of those .. or does it end of by making money for him :)


  2. yes I should be a daily part of preachings..not jus people are forgetting basic ethics!

  3. @ Bikramjit
    @ Harman

    I will surely attend satsang as I've been doing in the past. Since our Gurus are very much respected by us and people obey them very much, therefore, they must take up above points which I am sure will be welcomed by all. No doubt politicians, administrators and school teachers have failed in their duties. I am very much perturbed to observe the deteriorating civic sense among youth.

    Thank you for visiting.

  4. we needs lessons on our humanity and tolerance and living hygine way....

    nice post.