Monday, January 17, 2011

Stuntmen on the Road

Bollywood was looking for few good Stuntmen who could perform their ‘Art’ on the road without caring for other’s life, can drive vehicles rash, dash Thelas, Cars and empty shacks, cartons of bottles and even kill people sleeping on the footpath during night hours after drinking etc. etc. Since I enjoy good relation with Bollywood people, they urged me to help which I promised.

On advertising here in a local newspaper, I received hundreds of application from aspiring future “Stuntmen”. It was herculean task for me to scrutinize every application and find out suitable persons who could endanger his as well as other’s life. Of these aspiring applicants, I found one thing very interesting; all of them were driver of Auto-rickshaw, Mini-bus, Maruti Van who were presently engaged in carrying children to and fro School ! ! !

Interview session was very tiring but interesting in which they explained about their reckless driving and horrendous skills; some of them were even wanted by police of different states on various charges i.e. passing signal at danger, accidents, bumping vehicle from back, over-speeding, knocking pedestrians etc. etc.

Many a times, I personally witnessed the driving technique of these chaps who drove at over-speed and escaping miraculously daily with their vehicle full of children screaming and requesting to slow down; screeching sound of tyres were always heard of these vehicles morning and evening !!!

So………I was sure of selecting best talents who were on the path of becoming invaluable asset for Bollywood. I knew how children alongwith their parents prayed when these guys drove on the road. None of these guys had driving license; however, some lame and squint-eyed managed to get the same after little efforts.

Finally, I did my job.

O God, forgive me………I was not intelligent enough to select the best talent from these lot because every one was smarter than other. I did not even consider it necessary to go with them for Test Drive for which they were insisting repeatedly (I don't know why) fearing threat to my life. I smartly engaged my cunning neighbour by giving him some money but he too jumped from speeding Auto and ran for his life as it turned upside down after hitting a tree while overtaking a Truck from wrong side.

Oh, NO…….I can’t write anymore…..Sorry ! !


  1. hmmm...yes....they are smart people...

  2. Interesting article. At the same time, disheartening too!

  3. getting a driving licence is not at all big task for them... BTW stunt man r bound to show stunt, and doing that if the Auto turned upside down then he deserved to be selected hehehehehe..... neways again a thought provoking one from you !!!

  4. @ Thinking
    @ Nona
    @ Irfanuddin

    Parents sending their children to School by Auto-rickshaw should keep their eyes open. While picking up children from home, Auto moves slowly but after that their speed increases which is beyond our control. We should watch drivers from different places as to how they drive and they should be warned as and when required or we have the option to change it.

    My point behind writing above is to alert people and I expect readers also spread this message in their own way.

    Thanks once again.