Monday, September 27, 2010

Criticizing CWG

Who is criticizing CWG, our countrymen want quality infrastructure which is not there. Our politicians have been fooling us since long but they can't fool foreigners who are habitual of using best quality infra since their birth. Our players can carry “Lota” early morning without any hitch but foreigners can’t. When complained for dirt/filth just CLEAN, why divert attention ? Most of the Film Stars, Politicians, Businessmen are known for evading taxes, why don’t they yell to get quality roads, parks, stadiums ? Rs.70,000 crores could have been used for constructing power projects to supply electricity to UP and Delhi where power cuts are frequent. Our priority should have been Power, Controlling Population, Pollution, improving transport system not CWG. Condom vending machine should have been installed in every primary health centres of the country than at CWG which would’ve given better results.

Anyway, Best Wishes CWG.

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