Monday, July 26, 2010

New York Ground Zero Mosque

There cannot be more shameful instance to display insensitiveness than by constructing a 13-story mega mosque on the cemetery of the largest attack in American history. This would be sheer insult to thousands of innocent people who are no more with us but their departed soul still knocking our consciousness for justice.

I wonder how anyone could even think of constructing holy place like mosque which is meant only for worshipping. Certainly muslim brotherns must oppose it as I don't think it an appropriate place to construct Mosque on the tomb of thousands of innocent people (including Muslims). How about constructing Hospital instead with free medication to all ? We must not forget that every muslim have a lovely mosque in their heart.

Anyway, cheer up Osama, you are not the only cannibal, there are many more in this civilized world who are eager to celebrate the murder of 3,000 Americans. A true Muslim must and must oppose this move.

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