Thursday, March 4, 2010

ICE at Moon ?

The news "ICE found at Moon" did not surprise me much because the way we are wasting water here on earth, we may have to import water from other planet some day.

I wonder why festival like HOLI is continued which has nothing to do with protection of environment as the present form of celebrating it is far from its original form. We need to preserve trees and water for our future generation.

Am I right in saying so ?


  1. This possible only with a sustained awareness programme.

  2. true in every sense...hence even I dont celebrate Holi much..n waste water except some use of color..There could b some eco-friendly method to celebrate this festival without loosing its essence.

  3. your every word is true but we people never think in such way. the same with me but i am not bothering for others icn and i am doing my best