Tuesday, December 1, 2009



On my asking above question about huge population, I received many answers from my dear learned friends. Some of them reacted sharply becoming very sentimental on the issue. I decided to pick following two views of my friends and place the same for you to kindly read :-


“I think Indian people should be taught about the consequences of a huge population, the majority of which pay no taxes, without taxes how can India survive, India needs to get it's population down for it not to be a third world country, it doesn't matter how rich it's countries economy is or how it is coming equal to other western countries. Unless India can look to it's poor people and has a welfare state, no one goes hungry and all have a roof over their head, then yes I agree, nothing to be proud of, having one of the biggest populations, next to china, in the world”


I was under an impression that population is a threat. A few days back looking at a over crowded bus - i felt - population can be an asset too. LET ME BE CLEAR - SEEING THE ISSUE FROM OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN. We see hotels, cinema halls, parks, buses, trains - overcrowded overcrowded.......... So there is potency too. U can never imagine an empty hospital, entertainment center, schools, colleges. etc etcBut yes - what section of this population is more is the question. Talking of taxes - the only sector who are squeezed to the maximum are the empoyees. Industries, bussinessmen can easily evade it. We need a foolproof method of taxation and it has to be fair too. On the other hand rich agriculturists are totally exempted as agricultural income is nontaxable.......

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