Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This will in a very big way, help country to control population explosion. I don't think modern generation need to be told about the benefit of it.
Will it be in the interest of MNCs in the longer run as lesser population would mean lesser business potentials.
I request my friends to reply clearly on part 2 also that whether it affects MNCs.... I request my learned friends that before commenting sharply, plz. keep in mind that India's population is more than 110 crores which is eating up all infrastructure that has so far been created by our government. Heavy rush in trains, metros, buses, everywhere we find crowded. My idea of asking this question is to know that what should be our contribution to control this population explosion.

On asking above at a popular platform, I received interesting replies, few are given hereunder :-


Don't go by propaganda. Most of the couples bear the first child within two years & learn child raising experience fast. It happens that many couple don't bear the child for 5 years after marriage & when they want to bear, they are unable & after those 5 years only they come to know that either of the two or both have some problems or have developed some unforeseen problems which are not removable too. In most of the cases if the first child doesn't come within a year & a half, people suspect of some problems of conception. Big gap between two children or having only one child can help population control but not by damaging the bodies of both of the couple. Many people talk of using pills before marriage or condoms even from the 'first night' of wedding itself but that is anti-religious & against the definition & basic spirit of marriage concept itself. It is cowardice too. When one has decided to get married, one should be bold enough to ideally follow the procedures & have sex with the spouse without any preventive device b coz not all girls get pregnant at first night. If one gets pregnant, that is her fate & part of married life, one must accept happily. Many child preventive devices are immoral & unprincipled too.

Thanks for all voters & answerers ! I didn't expect that my approach looking very realistic will be so for so many others in this world of diversity too.

people that plan their kids are usually educated individuals seeking careers and individual goals. why get married? for sex? you can have sex all day long without marriage just wear lots of condoms or just abstain

i think people should have kids when they are ready, whatever age that may be. I don't think that business' should interfere with childbirth at all.

no interest of MNCs

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