Saturday, March 5, 2011

When to call

Today early morning, I was enjoying good sleep......... grrrrrrr.......... grrrrrrr......... grrrrrrrrr............  Suddenly, I jumped out of my bed to pick up telephone which was banging (ringing) my head. Today being Saturday, a classmate of my daughter wanted to know about the special uniform to be worn; I told her “white”, her job was over and so my lovely sleep.
Was this enquiry at early hours of the day necessary which could have been easily done last evening ?
Moral : Parents must counsel their children to avoid early morning / late night calls for petty reasons unless it is extremely warranted.


  1. its not only children.... even the elder ones don't mind ringing our fone bell during odd hours....
    they need some counselling perhaps....

  2. hmmm....true....

    I was in the middle of the fight with my beloved husband when I received a call from our cable operator that is your Television is catching blah channel correctly or not....

    You can guess...what I must have told him...

    Well....funny...but this is life.

  3. @ irfanuddin
    @ thinking

    thankyou, i thought i was the only guy who thinks this way. anyway, life'z like that, keep disturbing me fndz i won't mind much, u do yor job and lemme do mine.......frankly spkg u provoked me to write on this aspect too, so i shd b thankful 2U2.....ha ha ha !!!

  4. I can understand that anger , I wud go mad if this happened with me


  5. When I receive phone calls at odd hours, i seriously feel like killing them .

  6. ha haaaa///good!
    poor must be necessary..the reason she called at odd hrs