Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing in Moonlight

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Last evening i.e. on 15th Feb 2011, we had very good rain. I thought of writing this piece under Moonlight, to share with all the next day :-

This is 10 p.m. in night and I am sitting in my Balcony which is completely wet due to torrential rain we had since evening. It has just stopped.

It’s really a wonderful experience for me to write this piece under this situation. Streetlights are off; I am writing with the help of Moonlight, yea Moonlight which is coming from top of the world like "showers of blessings" from Heaven. I can see full moon above my head. The sky is crystal clear. I can feel chilly air piercing my skin and making me shiver.

I just had my dinner under the light of Diya, although it was insufficient but I could successfully place the crumb inside my mouth.

Hey….I just had sweet (Rasgullas) too standing in Balcony…….still tasting yummy. I am looking up at sky…...…hmmm…......…something is missing………let me see what.….. I can’t see stars anywhere cuz of bright Moonlight. I can feel the coldness of air which is still blowing.

My wife and children have gone to bed and I am still sitting outside on a chair.

Cold wind is blowing. I can hear Engine whistling……followed by sound of speeding train, probably it is Rajdhani Express leaving station, the sound is clearer than yesterday.

Lo…….bunch of white cranes flying towards East........., keep moving birdies….I know you gonna reach “rising point” in time to wake up Sun tomorrow.

Blowing wind won’t allow rain drops to take rest on tree leaves........they're still falling and I can hear them making lovely noise in tune with froggies who've just come out for fishing...........poor chaps.

The road before my home is quite, nobody is moving, no children playing as far as I could see; otherwise it is busy whole day with vehicles plying……..only my ‘glance’ is strolling.

The neem tree is erect but its branches leaned towards earth, their thirst is quenched now; other trees are looking happy as if they just dived into a swimming pool of fresh and sweet water. I am looking at my shadow which is below my feet cuz the Moon is exactly above my head. I am feeling sleepy.

Goodnight guys, lovely trees, grasses, all plants, I am feeling above heaven.



  1. Chandni Raat Ho, Tum Mere Pass Ho
    Tum Kaho Main Sunu, Main Kahu Tum Suno....

    Pighalte hamaare Jazbaat Hon
    Chandni Raat Ho Tum Mere Pass Ho.....

  2. You seem to have had a nice night ... :)

    heres wishing you feel like that all the time ...


  3. very well narrated...It was very good expience I guess..the whole atmosphere at the time of power outage gave you and exuberant experience..voilaaa..

  4. @ Irfanuddin
    @ Bikramjit
    @ Harman

    You ppl are wonderful than my "piece" and quicker than my "thoughts". Thanks for appreciating and coming.

  5. Very poetic... ! In this noisy world a moment of peace and quiet can turn anyone into a poet.. Liked your blog!

  6. @ meerasrajan

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments.Keep visiting and watch my other postings, I'm sure you will like them.

    Jai Shri Krishna,