Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corruption Free State - by when ?

President of Russia, USA and India were talking at a summit, suddenly God appeared before them and asked them to put a difficult question

Russian Prez asked : How long will Russia take to become corruption free country

God replied : 50 years.

Russian Prez wept as he’d not be alive by then to see his country becoming corruption free.

USA Prez also asked the same question about his country; to which, God replied, “ 75 years”, hearing this, he too wept as he wouldn’t be alive that long to see his country becoming corruption free.

Finally it was India’s turn; the same question was put up regarding the duration by which India would become corruption free state

God became silent.......

Indian Prez insisted God to reply

God looked up, closed his eyes,  murmured something which nobody could hear......and all of a sudden.......he burst into tears……..he said “to see India becoming corruption free state, even I would not be alive”

Disclaimer : This is purely a joke by imagination, any resemblance to past or present incidence is merely a coincidence)


  1. Old joke! But appreciate you putting it up! :)

  2. ha ha haahahah NOW THAT is one joke which is so TRUE :)


  3. hmm....he he he...though our MUSLIMS faith is that ALLAH is the only surviver even after the world 'd end....

    Even than the thought gave me smile...hmmm