Thursday, January 6, 2011

Destroying Polythene Bags

Today, I burnt all used polythene bags (about half a kilogram) in an earthen pot. I’ve been doing this since long in order to prevent cows consuming it in streets and dying.

It gives me and my family a great satisfaction and pleasure as if we have conquered the battle against Polythene bags. I am glad that children living nearby my home, also do the same thing and thus, we keep our area clean.

Very recently, a Chemical Engineer from Baroda also appreciated this as can be seen from my earlier post on the subject.

I’d like to mention here that technology to absorb CO2 from air is already available and is working satisfactorily in Europe and therefore, they need not worry for air-pollution.

I expect many more to join me at least in India, where there is no adequate system available for disposing off polythene bags.


  1. Nice job, keep it up.

  2. something good..that should be the approach ..each one should teach one this kind of fundamental...stay away from plastics or go for recycling..
    Good job..

  3. Indeed praiseworthy effort !

  4. Thanks, Anonymous, Harman, Nona, Zeal for appreciating.

    I always (every minute, every second) feel like doing something for betterment of this world. God has given me enough, all I want is; to serve the mankind.

    Jai Shri Krishna