Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To laugh or to cry ?

Daily, I see so many people going to school with their loved ones, expecting them to be gentle person when they grow up. Is it really happening ?

I also see how obediently parents bowing down before Class Teacher / Principal during PTM and agreeing fully to every shortcomings pointed out in their wards…….just to make them a gentle citizen of country. Is it really happening ?

Sometimes I laugh at it.

These parents were also innocent, obedient and sensitive towards people, animals just few years back when they were little children; but today, they do exactly opposite what has been taught. We remember, they (as a children) had also celebrated festivals, went to Birthday Parties, enjoyed cakes, wafers, cold drinks and other eatables with other children and yea…..they also danced to some lovely tunes as well.

During holidays, they also went to Parks and enjoyed riding Toy-Trains holding Popcorn packet in their hand leaving behind their parents who were watching them from behind the crowd and cheering. They also enjoyed Tiffin prepared by their Mom, chirping with their friends who were dressed up colourfully. While returning back home, a visit to Zoo refreshed them completely.

After every ecstasy to the fuller extent in their childhood life, suddenly scene changes and real drama of life begins.

These children grow up; few become Politicians, Bureaucrats, Government Officials (most of them corrupt, blood sucker and what not), only few remain “good citizen” watching bugs flourishing helplessly.

What worries me is the fact that how come such a lovely and smiley faces could turn callous when they grow up ?