Monday, June 14, 2010

Global Warming....Is there way out ?

We are witnessing the impact of global warming in our day-to-day life. Experts may have different version on this issue but "CONTROLLING POPULATION” is the only way out.

The reason :

Rising population results in rising demand for food, water and other essentials. Businessmen on the other hand, always view growing population as an opportunity to EARN; thus, they pressurize Governments to defer "population controlling measures". This, coupled with dirty politicians in power, make things WORSE and common man is made prey who pays the price and suffers the most.

India’s population has crossed 1.2 billion and in few years would surpass China’s, I wonder still this DEADLY ISSUE is not prioritized above all but trivial issues are towered by media and people with vested interest, which is just wastage of time.

Let me place a funny idea before you - Can Rs.25,000/- make any difference ?

Yes…… can :-

If Rs.25,000/- per case is given for Family Planning Operation, I’m sure people would flock in to get operated so much so that curfew will have to be imposed to control the mob.

I am not joking. This is the only way left with us which will definitely produce positive results. If implemented, I am sure, the leaders who have been fooling people and opposing “family planning” so far, would die to be the FIRST to grab this opportunity and may demand fixing up quota.

We must remember that :-

Less population means lower consumption and thus, minimal affect of Global Warming.


  1. No political party will put this into practice.
    You may remember what happened when Sanjay Gandhi started implementing population control.

  2. It is in fact a very good idea! Compensate monetarily to reduce population explosion! Keeping my fingers crossed to see if this will catch on!

  3. srry that won't happen, just how do u expect our political parties to put their hands in their over stuffed pockets to take out some rupees for us.
    what i mean is that even if this is a great idea, just divide our population, that is 1.2 billion with 6(hoping that's the average number of people in a family) then multiply the number with 25,000 n u will get an idea of what i am talking about.
    m sure the government, even if it has that much money (off-course, to have it one must consider its black money) it wont be spent. it seems that the only thing we or us, the common man can do is pressurize our ruling governments to create population controlling polices like china.

    as fr population being the root cause of global warming, i totally agree with u, in fact if u think a bit deeper, its the cause of all the global problems we face today.