Monday, March 22, 2010

Water – Almost Extinct Substance

Dear Loving Water,

In a few years from now, when you won’t be found anywhere in the world, believe me; you will remain present in books, computers, films and in our sweet memories.

As a token of how much we love and miss you, we’ve started celebrating 22nd March as “International World Water Day”. Please don’t get confused with our jugglery as this is nothing but just an eye-wash to fool our guests and media. We’ll garland your photographs, some speeches, rally, plus we will also observe two minutes silence to please your soul.

I am thankful to all corrupt Civil Engineers, Contractors, Town Planners, City Developers, stone-hearted greedy politicians who worked hard, day and night to make it possible for you to extinct from this earth so quickly.

I tearfully wish you all the best, be happy, flourish and nourish wherever you go. Since you love me very much, you can keep in touch with me through e.mails.

Many happy returns of the Day.


  1. In time to come, if there will be riots, will be due to lack of water.

  2. hello stranger,
    we need to save all our natural resources..need of the hour,awareness and perceptions only will help.
    btw, we also celebrated earth day!